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Registration Now Open for Oct. 4 Telephone Town Hall

3 months ago

The City of Loveland’s Broadband team will host a Town Hall meeting at 6 p.m., Thursday, Oct. 4 at City Council Chambers - 500 East Third Street, and will host the City’s first ever Telephone Town Hall in conjunction with the in-person event that evening.


A telephone town hall allows residents to participate via telephone instead of in person. Residents who have registered and those on available call lists will receive a call promptly at 6 p.m. Oct. 4 and can opt-in for the meeting. Prompts available throughout the call allow interested participants to ask questions and hear responses from key speakers.


Make sure you are on the call list by signing up now.


The Town Hall and Telephone Town Hall will be coordinated together, allowing both in-person attendees and telephone attendees to ask questions and get answers during the live event. City Manager Steve Adams, Brieana Reed-Harmel, City of Loveland senior electrical engineer and broadband project manager, and Loveland Communications Advisory Board vice-chairman Paul Langfield will be available for questions during the town hall. Please note that due to the format of this event and the time limit, it will be Q&A only; there will not be open comments. There are opportunities to share opinions on a variety of poll questions throughout the event.

For information on the Americans with Disabilities Act or accommodations, please contact or 970-962-3319. For information on non-discrimination for
translation assistance, please contact or 970-962-2372.

Para información sobre Ley de Discapacidades para americanos o acomodaciones, favor contacte o al 970-962-3319. Para información sobre la no discriminación o para asistencia en traducción, favor contacte o al 970-962-2372.

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r_sprenkle354 2 months ago
I currently get 50 Mb for $50. per month (plus $11.more to rent equipment). 300 Mb at same cost would allow me to dump cable company and save more money monthly. Broadband access should be a basic city service available at a good price. Please make this happen! Thank you. R Sprenkle
deinessoar 2 months ago
I would positively welcome and become a City of Loveland broadband subscriber for the 50 MBPS at $ 19.95 a month in 2 to 3 years. It would be GREAT and would help my husband and I's finances as we are entering into our senior years. Thanks Marian Deines