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  • City utilities step up to bring free Wi-Fi to Loveland Public Library parking lot

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    Loveland’s Power Division and Loveland Pulse, the city’s communications utility, have joined forces to sponsor free Wi-Fi access outside of the Loveland Public Library.

    The City’s IT department installed the new Wi-Fi access point that extends the library’s current internet connection into the parking lot. The addition allows the public to safely access a high-speed internet connection on their mobile device such as a laptop, tablet or phone from their vehicles or while socially distancing outdoors. The Wi-Fi connection will be available from 5 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. and can be accessed by locating the LovelandLibrary network and using LovelandLibrary as the password.

    The Library is one of the City’s most accessible places for digital connections. The closure of its technology center for the past few months has prevented many residents from going online to do schoolwork, check email, apply for benefits, seek employment or connect to resources they need. The technology center in the library reopens June 15 but will still need to operate with limited capacity and cleaning protocols due to COVID-19. The Wi-Fi service will keep residents able to connect, learn and live.

    “While Pulse internet service is not yet available in the City, we knew we could do more to serve our residents during this critical time by bringing Loveland Power and Pulse together to expand access through the library,” said Joe Bernosky, director of Loveland Water and Power. “Like all City utilities and departments, we exist to serve Loveland and we hope this new service helps our community during such an important time.”

    “The Loveland Public Library is committed to connecting people to information, ideas and each other, and access to technology is one of the fundamental ways our citizens are able to stay informed and engaged even when they can’t gather together,” said library director Diane Lapierre. “We are grateful to our partners at Loveland Pulse and across the City for recognizing the importance of connecting to the digital world and providing this extension of our Wi-Fi network outside of the building.”

  • Loveland Pulse to announce service details June 18, kicks off social media giveaway countdown to celebrate

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    Loveland Pulse will unveil residential service plan details on June 18 and has kicked off a 10-day countdown to launch with a local social media giveaway to support local shops and restaurants.

    Pulse is giving away $1,000 over 10 days to support local businesses. Each day now through June 17, Pulse will post service-related questions or details on its Facebook and Instagram social channels. Participants who engage/respond as required and tag their favorite local business will be entered to win a $100 gift card to their business of choice. Winners will be drawn and announced each evening at 6 p.m.*

    The June 18 launch will be a 30-minute live stream celebration at noon with City Council, Loveland City Manager Steve Adams, Loveland Water and Power and Pulse staff, and the Loveland Communications Advisory Board. The public can join the celebration through the streaming video on Facebook through Loveland Pulse, City of Loveland and Loveland Water and Power pages.

    “Pulse exists to serve Loveland and we couldn’t think of a better way to countdown to our service launch than to rally our community and residents to support the shops and restaurants that we all know and love,” said Lindsey Johansen, communications and marketing manager for Loveland Pulse.

    Access the contest on Loveland Pulse’s Facebook page or Instagram profile.

    *Contest rules: Daily giveaways run until June 17, 2020. No purchase necessary to enter or win. Winners will be selected at random. You may only win once. Gift cards will be sent to winners via mail. Winners will be notified on Facebook or Instagram via direct messages. Must be at least 18 years of age and Loveland residents only. Per Facebook rules, this promotion is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with Facebook. By entering, entrants confirm they are 18 plus years of age, release Facebook of responsibility, and agree to the Facebook Terms of Use. If you would like to enter the giveaway without entry requirements above, you may drop off your entry with your complete name, address, e-mail address, and phone number to - "Pulse Giveaway" at 200 N. Wilson Ave. Loveland, CO 80538. It will take 3-4 years for service to be available across the City.

  • Pulse achieves gigabit speeds in early testing environments

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    As we enter the month of May, we continue to make steady progress on our promise to provide reliable, high-speed internet service to all Loveland residents and businesses. It has been an exciting few months.

    Recently, Pulse has been conducting Alpha testing at several locations within the network. What does Alpha testing mean? Well, this lets us test the network, including all active components of our inside operations, as well as passive technology and equipment in the field. We are excited to announce that we have successfully connected the very first part of the network, achieving gigabit speeds.

    The next key steps are finalizing utility operations and Beta-testing.

    Utility operations include establishing a local call center and other resources, as well as billing and asset management systems. You may have read the news that City Council approved an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) that will allow us to pool technical and network support resources with Fort Collins Connexion and Estes Park's Trailblazer Broadband. This IGA is part of the regional collaboration piece of our model that allows us to share resources and keep costs down.

    Beta-testing is a final test of the network in a real-life environment to ensure Pulse is scalable, operating efficiently, and ready for rollout. This step is similar to our Alpha testing, except we use real potential customers and run through the entire process of what customers will experience. The goal is to confirm network speed, reliability, and more, as well as ensure that our customer billing and support processes are functioning as intended.

    “We have seen significant progress over the past four months,” Pulse engineering manager Ryan Smith said. “Our team's focus on strategic planning, network design, and overall commitment from the beginning has set us up to do what we are here to do - deliver Loveland a reliable, fast internet connection through fiber.”

    Construction began in November 2019 and will take three to four years to complete. We will announce service offering details soon. Stay tuned to our communication channels for additional project updates and feel free to ask us questions on the website, our social media channels, emailing, or calling 970-962-2010.

  • Loveland Pulse: Our commitment to transparency

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    A trusted utility connecting the Loveland community. That is who we are at Pulse, and transparency is key to how we operate. Since the moment City Council approved the project in November 2018, we have been working to set Loveland up for success.

    Pulse is a City of Loveland utility and, unlike most other city services, we are operating in a competitive consumer services environment with a need to maintain key proprietary information. We recognize that this is a new model for our community and know it can take some time to understand how this affects operations.

    Municipal broadband continues to expand across our state and the nation, addressing the significant digital divide and access needs of our people and our communities. Community-owned broadband is essential infrastructure and each city moving forward is pursuing it differently. Here at Pulse, we exist to meet the needs of our community by bringing affordable, reliable, high-speed internet backed by great customer service to everyone. A critical part of our success is staying true to our core values and our promises to you:

    • Be a trusted service.
    • Remain committed to transparency about rates (when they are announced), speeds, and more.
    • Be responsive to customer needs.

    To deliver on these promises, from the start, Pulse has worked to develop and provide a variety of communication and connection options, including:

    • Loveland Communications Advisory Board (LCAB) public meetings: Our LCAB meets the second Wednesday of every month from 4 - 6 p.m at the City of Loveland Service Center. Each month, this board, along with City Council liaisons, receives an update from staff about the project and discusses Pulse matters. It is also an avenue for public citizens to learn directly and voice any comments, questions, or concerns. Meeting participation information and agendas can be found at
    • Monthly reporting: We provide a monthly fiber to the premise dashboard to City Council. This dashboard is also available on our website, Until service is available, this dashboard focuses on project and construction highlights including where we are at with budget and construction completion. Once we start subscribing customers, the dashboard will be updated with service information including home installs.
    • Budget: Like all other City departments, our budget is included in the City of Loveland’s budget process which is reported in various financial documents such as the Annual Budget Books and the City of Loveland’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). There are several public meetings in this process, including presentations to LCAB and the Citizens’ Finance Advisory Commission (CFAC) for review and discussion, prior to review of these documents and final adoption by the City Council.
    • Regular communication updates: We will continue to provide regular project updates on our communication channels, with being the hub for this information. We offer several ways for residents and businesses to contact us directly - email, phone and submitting information online. We strive to respond to residents within 48 business hours.
    • Community connections: Our team has and will continue to be out and about in the community to engage with residents and businesses in Loveland as service becomes available. As your local, reliable internet provider, we value the opportunity to connect directly with you.

    Among the few details that will not be publicly released over the next three to four years are construction and service rollout maps and timelines. There are several reasons for this. In a private business environment, this is what is referred to as proprietary information that could provide a potential competitive advantage to others in the market. Pulse is no different in that regard. We recognize that it can be easy to spot our construction crews around town (we love Colorado Boring’s big beautiful yellow trucks!) but it makes good business sense to protect this proprietary information so we can be good stewards of the community’s investment in Pulse. This is a best practice learned by and shared with us by other successful municipal broadband utilities.

    More importantly, releasing maps and plans would pose a safety and security issue. As an essential utility with critical infrastructure that includes physical and cybersecurity assets, our maps include infrastructure and engineering design specifics that help us plan construction work. These critical and vital details need to remain guarded to ensure the safety and welfare of our community, customers, and network.

    We recognize that residents want answers and information, and have implemented several proactive ways to communicate directly about construction and service. We are mailing letters and placing door hangers at each residence and business ahead of construction in their area. Those wanting to be directly notified when service is available in their area can fill out our early interest form ( to get on that list.

    As always, be sure to connect with us on social media, check out our FAQs, and ask us your questions on our website,, and feel free to email us at or call 970-962-2010 with any questions, comments or concerns.

    On behalf of the Pulse team, your trusted, local communications utility, we thank you for your continued confidence in our efforts and look forward to installing your Pulse service in the near future.

  • Loveland Pulse and COVID-19

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    Resilient. That is just one word that describes our Loveland community. During this difficult, ever-changing time for all of us, we take comfort in being part of such a resilient, exceptional community.

    Pulse exists to connect you, our residents and businesses, to the world through high-speed internet. There has never been a clearer sign that this service is essential to Loveland. Our team has a critical role to play in keeping and building resilience and redundancy in our city’s communications infrastructure and we will continue to do so as a city of Loveland utility and essential service following state and county orders.

    During this time, our team will continue to maintain existing infrastructure such as legacy fiber leases and build out Loveland’s fiber-optic network to do our part in keeping our community connected to the resources they need most. As we continue this important work, we have increased safety measures to ensure the health and safety of city staff, construction crews and the residents in our community.

    Here is what we are doing to keep our teams and our residents safe during this time:

    • All Pulse team members are adhering to City of Loveland directives and maintaining appropriate social distancing measures in the workplace. We are either working remotely or in split shifts.

    • Reduced construction crew sizes to maintain social distancing while maintaining a safe work environment.

    • Performing daily temperature checks for field crews.

    • Cleaning and sanitizing standards have been increased - equipment and vehicles are being sanitized more frequently. Crews also carry extra wipes and hand sanitizer in their trucks.

    • Crews are wearing gloves and maintaining appropriate social distancing measures when distributing construction information materials to residents.

    We are all in this together. As we continue work, we thank you for your support and please know that you can contact us with any questions or concerns. We are listening and responding.


    • Call: 970-962-2010

    • Construction Hotline: 970-962-2011

    • Email:

  • 2020 - it’s going to be a big year for Pulse

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    A message from the City of Loveland’s Municipal Fiber Manager Brieana Reed-Harmel

    Brieana Reed-Harmel

    It is hard to believe that we are now in the second month of 2020. It is interesting to look back and see how society - and pop culture - thought technology would change our lives so many years ago. While today’s technology isn’t driven by time travel, dog-walking drones, mechanical fuel attendants or pizza hydrators like Marty McFly experienced, it is driven by things that are even more meaningful: increased personal access and ownership of healthcare, expanded connections and learning with education, and connectedness.

    Your Pulse team is excited about the role technology continues to play in the day-to-day lives of our community and we are honored to be part of Loveland’s technology future.

    We had some big milestones in the last quarter of 2019 and the momentum continues to build in 2020. In fact, we are on pace to deliver some big news to those who have been waiting patiently for service updates. 2020 is the year that we will launch Pulse high-speed internet and phone service, and sign up our first subscribers.

    What does this mean to you? If you are a Loveland resident or business, it means you will soon know exactly what we will offer - with pricing and speed-level details - so you have more information to choose the internet service provider that is right for you. It also means that some of you, or your co-workers, families, and friends, will begin to benefit from Pulse service, which will roll out across the city over the next three to four years. We expect both of these milestones to happen in the first half of the year.

    Our construction crews have been out in neighborhoods since the end of November and you will continue to see them throughout the year. Be sure to say hello when you see our local crews from Colorado Boring. They love to meet our residents. The Pulse In Progress page on our website has lots of useful resources, such as FAQ documents about the construction process and locates, as well as some fun construction profiles of the team. We hope this information is helpful to you.

    The question we are asked most often throughout this process is “when can I sign up?” We are thankful that your excitement for Pulse remains strong and we look forward to bringing service to you within the next three to four years. As a reminder, we are not releasing construction or service maps and service may not follow the same path as the network construction happening now. The best way to make sure you are notified when service is in your area is through our Early Interest Form. Find it at

    This year, you will also see us out and about more in the community. Our team will be visible at local meetings and events, and we are planning a community celebration for all residents to join us and share in this important time for the utility. Stay tuned for more details.

    As always, be sure to connect with us on social media, check out our FAQs and ask us your questions on our website,, and feel free to email us at or call 970-962-2010 with any questions, comments or concerns.

    On behalf of the Pulse team, your trusted, local communications utility, thank you for your continued support.

  • Pulse in Progress information page now available

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    Hut Install Construction launch Continued progress on our 100% fiber-optic network.

    The Pulse team has been celebrating major milestones for the past few months and we are moving forward full steam ahead. We have launched our Pulse in Progress website with construction information, FAQs and resources.

    For the next 3-4 years, we will continue building our network for you - our residents and businesses. Find out more and stay tuned for other exciting announcements coming up in 2020.

  • City and public join Loveland’s Pulse utility for groundbreaking next to new telecommunications hut

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    The pile of dirt scooped by city representatives at Pulse’s groundbreaking ceremony may have been transported from the yard of contractor GE Construction, but the buzz surrounding the launch of Loveland’s city-owned broadband utility is real.

    Read more from Max Levy's Reporter Herald story on the groundbreaking event Nov. 13.

  • Loveland Pulse construction set to begin following city council contract approvals

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    Tomorrow is a big milestone for Pulse. It is the one-year anniversary of city council’s project approval and it is also the day we can move forward with construction after council approved our two construction contractors tonight. The first telecommunications hut was installed at the Loveland Water and Power Service Center on Oct. 31 and network construction will begin later this month.

    We have selected Colorado Boring and On Trac, Inc. as our construction contractors and are proud to work with two experienced local businesses who know and love our community as much as the rest of us. Both companies have extensive specialized expertise for the project and they bring a high level of professionalism and a commitment to serving our residents and businesses.

    Fort Collins-based Colorado Boring, along with GE Construction and Backbone Fiber, will lead construction efforts for all central office and outside plant operations, including installation of telecommunications huts and construction for feeder and distribution networks. Basically, they will install our fiber-optic network underground throughout all public areas of the city. You have likely seen their vehicles across Loveland and potentially in your neighborhood as they have worked with the City on some previous, significant construction projects. It is helpful to have a team that is familiar with local subsurface conditions in our area and has an established track record of working with our residents and crews. They are committed to the long-term health and prosperity of our community.

    Longmont-based On Trac will focus on fiber to the premises (FTTP) installation services to connect residential and business customers to the network as they sign up for services. They will be the team that meets you at your house to install our high-speed network to your home and get you all set up for service. They specialize in FTTP deployment and have worked with notable projects including Longmont’s NextLight and Fort Collins Connexion. We have worked closely with our neighbor’s in Longmont to document best practices and are thankful to have one of their same trusted contractors in place to bring high-speed internet to subscribers in Loveland.

    These contracts were awarded following RFP and bidding processes through the City of Loveland. Outside plant construction services will cost $35.5 million and FTTP installation services will cost approximately $10 million, based on the proposed take rate from subscribers. These services will be paid for out of the $95 million secured to fund the Pulse project.

    Construction resources will be available soon. Keep an eye out for new updates and don’t forget to connect with us on social, check out our FAQs and ask us your questions. You can also email us at or by phone, 970-962-2010.
  • First Pulse telecommunications hut installed

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    Today, Oct. 31, 2019 the first Pulse telecommunications equipment hut was installed at the Loveland Water and Power Service Center. This is the first of five huts that will be installed around the city for the Pulse 100% fiber-optic network. Team members who have worked tirelessly to bring the incredible project to life were thrilled to see this epic milestone achieved. Enjoy some photos!

    A hut is a small utility building without windows. You have likely seen similar buildings around Loveland for other utilities, including power. The climate-controlled spaces will house racks and cabling for the network equipment, battery banks and battery management systems, and all electrical wiring and associated equipment. The huts connect our city’s core fiber network to telecommunications hubs across the United States through fiber infrastructure called “the long haul.” From there, fiber-optic cable from each hut will feed into the greater distribution system bringing service to every home and business in Loveland.

    Put simply, this is how we are connecting our local fiber-optic network with a vast network across the world. This is how you - our residents and businesses - connect to the internet and access all of the amazing information to empower your lives.

    You will likely hear from us next after the Nov. 5 city council meeting. We have recommended a construction contractor that will be up for council approval. Stay tuned for more.

    Thank you for your patience as we have been hard at work behind-the-scenes. We have focused on pre-construction work with our internal team and our construction contractors Ditesco, Alpha Technologies and Wesco, who we contracted in July to negotiate competitive prices for network equipment. We know how excited the community is for this project to start and we have been working diligently to make that happen.

    We have put forth an aggressive timeline and have been rapidly moving towards the end goal of providing reliable, high-speed broadband service to our community. We look forward to installing your Pulse service in the near future.