Meet Colorado Boring drill operator, Nick Ames

I am a drill operator with Colorado Boring, a company I have been proud to work with for 10 years.

I live in Windsor but I’m originally from Denver. I moved up here in 1995. I’m a mountain person so when I came up from the big city, it was nice to be somewhere that wasn’t as congested.

In my role as a drill operator, I am responsible for operating the drill that is used in the boring process. The hole that I drill is where the conduit will be. I work hand-in-hand with the spotter who tells me where I am and where the drill needs to go. Boring is an interesting process. It is less intrusive than trenching because we don’t create a large open hole all the way through the neighborhood. We use equipment to drill a small hole in an area to open up space in the ground for the conduit. Then we pull the conduit through that same hole without impacting the area above the borehole. This is a less disruptive and more efficient process for our community and we specialize in this process.

My favorite part about working with Colorado Boring is that we’re all located and all connected in the community in some way or another. We have a lot of family members that work with us, and I’ve known a lot of the guys since elementary school. We also have friends of the family members who all work well together and are committed to doing a great job. It’s really like a family.

It is also important to me that our work with Pulse is making the community better. As a local company, we care about the people in our area.

Outside of work I also enjoy car racing, like drag racing and track racing.

*Photo taken in January 2020. To read more about updated construction processes for COVID-19, please read this article.

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